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How to be creative

A lot of creative people in various fields might get stuck with this question. In this post however I will hand out a few ideas of how mainly designers can boost their creativity.

1) Form follows function. You probably have heard this basic rule many times. A good first step is to get clear on what functionalities your design needs. Do you need a a logo, headline, graphic, CTA buttons?

2) Colour choices. Once you have figured out step 1, you might want to think about possible colour schemes (what goes with the logo, are there any colour guidelines?). I find that this step helps massively with enjoying your design and playing around with it. Usually I go by ‘less is more’, so either colours that are within the same family (gradients of one colour) or complementary colours exclusively. This way the design will look clean and easy to understand for someone who looks at it for the first time.

3) Just start. There are times that I don’t have very many guidelines and just need to create something “for women”, “romantic”, “playful for children’. In those cases I have more freedom, which is great. But sometimes a little extra help is needed. I usually get that the old fashioned way and just look up keywords that match my ideas online. A lot of times this helps me find good options for colour combinations and gives away hints of what is trendy right now (no blunt stealing necessary though, hehe). Within this step it happens a lot that I start designs and then totally turn everything over so that it looks nothing like when I started. At first this may seems like wasting a lot of time, but actually it’s the key to getting creative. Because once you start, you have something to work with, you see things that don’t match and need improvement and that’s where the fun begins.

4) Take a break. Sometimes however none of the above steps help. And in that case the best thing you can do is take a break. That can look like focusing on another design that might come easier to you at that minute. Or just shutting everything of and doing something completely different. At home activities like taking a walk, cooking or crafting can get your mind wander and boost your flow of ideas. At work you may have limited options, so maybe get a coffee, chat to a colleague and of course you can always tell other people your struggles and they may even come up withΒ  great suggestions that you can use to get started.

I hope these tips were useful for you. Let me know with a thumps up or comment. Thanks and see you next time! πŸ™‚

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