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First attempts of webdesign

Webdesign is something new for me that I slid into unintentionally whilst starting to work on this very website. The first time I created a layout was when I was 14 years old, but actually it wasn’t a proper website. They were the beginning years of public internet and one service I had an account on let you have your own little homepage with a guestbook. What I created on there was far from modern webdesign but it was intriguing and maybe one of the things that eventually got me hooked up on design in general.

So, what I initially ended up learning and studying are Print Design and Photography. Both of these fields offer a lot to learn and constantly evolve into different directions. One of the directions I am interested in regarding design is building websites or at least building designs and having someone else turn those into code. Bascically exactly what happened with this website.

I knew I needed a platform to publish my blog on but I wanted it to be my own work, even though there are really great templates out there. However this was a wonderful opportunity to spread my wings and learn a little more about webdesign. To be honest, I didn’t really know where to start, all I knew in the beginning was that I needed a menu and a section for the actual blog post. Everything else only evolved from there on.
In hindsight my first attempt was not very nice. I had an idea in my head and tried to somehow transfer it onto screen, but it didn’t turn out as I imagined at all.

So, I started over and the second attempt already offered a much better base to work with. When I got stuck I checked out how other websites find solutions for problems like mine and melted those with my own ideas.
It’s not all finished yet but I am quite happy with my first real attempt of webdesign. However none of this would have been possible without the great help and support from malith.pro. Who not only transformed my design into code but also gave great advice along the way – so, thanks a lot!

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