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Design Bundle Patterns – FREE Download

Today I woke up feeling like it was going to be a very good Sunday – and it was! I took some time to browse through the design book I am reading at the minute. Had a tea, washed the dishes, went for a walk. And then I got creative with a few patterns that I designed in Illustrator. It was a very easy-going and realaxing day. Even creating the designs was a pretty peaceful exercise. I had planned to do something like this to fill up my shop for a while, but never actually felt inspired to create. And then today came along and it just happened. I truly believe in going with the flow and just letting things happen – or not, for that matter, because forcing things usually doesn’t lead to good results either.

Anyway, the design patterns are in my shop. You can download them for free.
They include 3 different design themes:
1) Stars –Β  great for Christmas greeting cards for example!
2) Circles – if you feel like getting funky
3) Waves – because the ocean is always calling

Don’t hesitate to grab them now. I am offering those designs for free in the spirit of Black Friday & Cyber Monday and might take them down again later.

You can find them in my shop obviously πŸ™‚

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