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Creating a design theme – Pizza

One of the things I have always felt called to try out was designing a theme. What I mean by that is a larger document containing smaller designs like cute animals for example. Or flowers, watercolour paintings or in my case: PIZZA!
The idea behind it is to make life easier and in most cases also faster for other designers. Sometimes one design needs a small detail to feel complete. However creating said detail would take too much effort in certain situations. So it makes sense to include someone else’s previous work of such detail.
Another scenario might be someone wanting to design, let’s say, a flyer for example. For this flyer they need a drawing of a cute bunny, but their skillset does not include illustrating those. Then they could easily just buy a theme of cute bunny drawings online.

Occasionally I use themes in my full-time job for the two reasons I mentioned above: time and skills. (There are some seriously talented illustrators out there!) To conclude I think of design bundles as very useful. And even though I enjoy doing my own little illustrations, usually time is short and I never really get to dive deeper into this type of task.

For this reason I started working on my very own design theme even before thinking about the layout or name of my website. In fact, it started with me just drawing a sketch of a sliced pizza into my notebook, which then made me think: ‘How cool would it be to more of this stuff!’
I am still working on the project because I would like to offer something to get creative with to whoever might be interested in purchasing it later on.
With this project I am not planning much. Instead I am only going with the flow and enjoying the ride. If I keep continuing my work at this pace, it might still take a while before it goes live. But I will add some images to this post to get a better idea of what I am keeping myself busy with at the moment.

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